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We offer the best in products to make your system the most reliable now and in the future!

 Once we look at your existing  system we can evaluate what is the best conversion to fit your needs such as this small combination of equipment to the right

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 Most of the housings needed for the aerator pump can be well hidden in plain site by the use of one of these decorative rocks or just a simple cover to keep the pump out of the elements

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 This is what one of the filter brushes looks like that would be installed at the outlet of your tank to prevent small particles from entering your leach bed piping.

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  The laundry area can add substantial amounts of lint and fibers not beneficial to most septic systems. So, we also offer every customer the option of a small pre-filter for the clothes washer drain hose to help eliminate unwanted debris from entering the sewer drain before the inlet of the septic tank.

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